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Máté Hercsel's custom Janspeed racing suit - photographed by Máté Boér

Janspeed stands at the intersection of innovation and tradition—a place where enthusiasts' personal stories merge with our legacy. This story is vividly brought to life by two of our Hungarian fans, Máté Hercsel and Máté Boér, each weaving their passion into a unique homage to our brand.

Máté Hercsel, a respected member of the Mini Club Hungary, has crafted a token of admiration for Janspeed—a racing suit that’s as much about our shared history as it is about the future. Hercsel’s Janspeed-themed racing suit, crafted in September 2023, symbolizes a deep respect for the legacy that our founder Jan Ódor has created.

"This Janspeed-themed overall was made to show our enthusiasm towards the legends of Janspeed," Hercsel shares. "All members of the Mini Club Hungary deeply respect Jan Ódor and the Janspeed brand. We had the privilege of knowing Jan as a friend in his later years, learning so much from him." Hercsel's reverence is further immortalized in an interview with Jan Ódor, which is available for the community to cherish on YouTube.

Complementing Hercsel's creation are the stunning photographs by Máté Boér, whose lens has captured more than just images—it has told stories. "My passion for cars and photography merged into a decade and a half journey, where I've been privileged to encounter wonderful people and fantastic cars," says Boér. His focus on the narrative—what kind of owner chooses what kind of car—reveals the intimate connection between driver and drive.

Boér continues, "The classic Minis, with their exceptional driving experience and iconic shape, have always captivated me. They offer tremendous value and are accessible to a wide audience, which is what makes them special."

Through Boér’s photography, we see Hercsel, donned in his custom Janspeed racing suit, alongside a classic Mini—a fitting tribute that connects the present with the memorable past.

These collaborative efforts between our fans and the Mini community highlight the personal connections and stories that make our brand what it is. It's more than metalwork and engines; it's about the people, the passion, and the drive to keep the Janspeed spirit alive.

We share these stories with our Janspeed community with pride and gratitude. To Máté Hercsel and Máté Boér, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your dedication and for sharing your journey with us.

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