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In-House Services

At Janspeed we offer the following services in-house & with approved partners:

Machining, Pressing & Fabrication

Janspeed have a fully equipped internal machine shop to support jig & fixture parts. We also provide low volume component manufacture and flange skimming.

On-site machinery includes, Hydraulic presses, CNC Roller, Roll Forming, Expander/Compressor, Guillotine, 5 Axis Laser, MIG, TIG, Seam & Spot Welder.

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Janspeed have a fully functional Paint Shop.


We also have the capability to provide finishing services such as Polishing, Bead Blasting, Graining, Anodising, E-coat, Powder coat, High Temperature Ceramic Coatings, Chrome plating, Engraving, Laser Engraving, Chemical Etching & PVD Coatings.

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Inspection & Sign Off

Janspeed produce and use checking fixtures on all OEM parts.

We have a fully calibrated, 3 metre ITP table (CMM type) with 'Tube Expert' software. We use this for verification of ‘first off’ tube manufacture, through to complete assembly measurement.

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Supplier & Component Development

Baffle Plates - A rapid, low cost prototype tooling solution which can be transferred into production usage.
PressingsUK sourced tooling, design & component manufacture. Rapid delivery times for off tool parts.
Hanger Bars Internally manufactured TUBULAR 304 stainless steel hanger bars, formed to CAD geometry. Offers significant weight, thermal and NVH performance. This is a Janspeed developed process which offers competitive cost compared to the solid equivalent.
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ECO Efficient 

Perfect for Hybrid & range extenders, our exhaust systems are made using high-quality, lightweight materials and are up to 20% lighter than a standard exhaust.


We also have many years of proven experience in producing quiet systems which reduce noise pollution. ​

Available in a variety of materials, including Stainless Steel, Titanium & Inconel. 

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