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The History of Janspeed

60 years at the forefront of exhaust technology

Automotive Engineering

Founded in 1962, Janspeed has become one of the most successful performance engineering companies in the UK.


At the forefront of automotive engineering, innovative technology, cutting edge design and production, we work alongside numerous major names in the automotive industry, covering every aspect of performance engineering and development.

Over the years we have designed and produced solutions for manufacturers such as Ford, Lotus, Aston Martin and Chrysler as well as other significant brand names, giving them the winning edge at major international motor sporting events.


As for our mainstream manufacturing base, Janspeed performance tuned, free-flow exhausts systems have established an enviable reputation throughout the world.

Motor Sport

Janspeed boasts an excellent pedigree and considerable success in motorsport, winning our first Touring Car title back in 1974, followed by three 24 hour event titles and 12 saloon car championships.


Janspeed’s early reputation was built on a series of Minis that turned the world of saloon car racing upside down – Datsun, Ford and Toyota further contributed to a full trophy cabinet at our dedicated motor sport facility, purpose built during the late 1980’s. 


Janspeed continues to build on this legacy by remaining involved in many high profile motorsport projects.


Valued for our confidentiality as well as technical expertise, Janspeed continue to work with the best in motorsport preparing cars that have competed in Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium.


Based on the success of Janspeed’s legendary race Minis, Jan Odor develops the ultimate high performance exhaust system and LCB manifold. He makes this available to the consumer market changing the face of Minis forever.


Janspeed launch into a brand new and unique consumer market for performance exhaust systems developed on the back of the racing experience gained from the Janspeed Datsun racing cars.


Keith Odor establishes Janspeed as leading development team for Nissan Touring Cars. He develops the ‘roll top’ exhaust making Janspeed leaders of this manufacturing technique which they perfected.


Mark Vaughan evolves Janspeed into an industry leading OEM supplier. Janspeed gain Tier 1 & 2 supplier status, APQP and build a dedicated prototype section steering the company firmly into the new millennium.


Janspeed continues to maintain its world-class performance reputation by adapting to markets and building on their legacy.

Janspeed looks towards the future, welcoming new relationships and partnership opportunities.

Janspeed Historical Gallery

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