Janspeed exhaust system

Low volume to full OEM Programmes

Significant investment has been made not only within existing facilities but in new plant, equipment and their supporting processes - from the raw material arriving in the extended storage building through to the new larger capacity, more efficient mandrel CNC benders to the brand new fully automated silencer manufacturing facility.

Not only has this investment enabled greater capacity required to meet our growing customer programmes but also allowed efficiency savings on existing programmes.

We have grown and developed our existing supply base from  low volume and UK based, to medium volume and international supply with bought in components from as far as North America and Maylasia. Global sourcing has delivered signifcant opportunity in bought in cost and tooling, reduced lead-times and superior quality components.

All tooling is designed in-house utilising the same skilled designers from the conceptual package studies - not often the case in larger organisations which ensures the same design ethos and concepts follow right through the programme into the tools, jigs and fixtures.

Whilst signifcant investment has already been implemented there is still a further plan for continued growth, investment and development.