Lotus Evora at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Development, Test and Validation

Supporting vehicle manufacturers through the development phase of an exhaust programme has required existing supplier development together with identifying new Technical Partners. By utilising Technical Partners project overheads are minimised only contributing for work actually done rather than the costly equipment and personnel required.

Our technical partners also bring with them extensive knowledge and experience from historical and current exhaust programmes which enhance system robustness and can reduce overall programme costs and time to market.

Development support includes CAE analysis (acoustic and thermal) on conceptual designs, minimising prototype and pre-production phases and costs, FEA analysis (thermal and structural), rig based testing through to complete vehicle testing including drive-by and exhaust homologation/certification.

Other Technical Partners allow the design and development of emission control systems (ceramic and metallic substrate installations), by-pass valve technology, silencer optimisation to name a few.